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Aperture 3 and Olympus XZ-1 – FCP and FCE

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I have had the Olympus XZ-1 for a while now, and I’m very pleased with the camera and its f1.8 lens. Being an Aperture user and no Photoshop fan, I am however eagerly waiting for the Aperture 3 update that will include the XZ-1 amongst its supported cameras… All my RAW files are just sitting on the camera, and I can’t be bothered to use the Olympus software to handle them.
The Olympus software is no Mac-like application, but I will admit that the software has potential. Being able to apply the art filters in the post-processing is nice.

So Apple, please. An update.

I’m also a FCE (Final Cut Express) user, or rather was. Since the latest version of iMovie came out, I have opened FCE only once. Many of the iMovie features are new and not available in FCE. So I hope that the hype evolving around the SuperMeet will result not only in a new FCP (Final Cut Pro), but also in a new FCE version with some new breathtaking features :-)

Only time will show.

Last.fm app for iPhone and iPod Touch

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Last.fm announces Last.fm app for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Read the details on the web site, but their video speaks for itself.

To get the app, go to the music category of the iTunes App store (in iTunes or on your iPhone/Touch). Find the Last.fm app and download it (for free).

Looking forward to be able to get the iPhone here in Luxembourg…! Do make sure that you are on a wireless network before you listen to last.fm… At least in Europe… as you would get some hefty data traffic… and THAT is expensive around here :-(