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Last.fm app for iPhone and iPod Touch

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Last.fm announces Last.fm app for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Read the details on the web site, but their video speaks for itself.

To get the app, go to the music category of the iTunes App store (in iTunes or on your iPhone/Touch). Find the Last.fm app and download it (for free).

Looking forward to be able to get the iPhone here in Luxembourg…! Do make sure that you are on a wireless network before you listen to last.fm… At least in Europe… as you would get some hefty data traffic… and THAT is expensive around here :-(

MobileMe is up it seems

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Apple seems to have put to many things out at the same time on Friday: new iPhones, MobileMe is replace .Mac and new software for the 1G iPhone.
As Luxembourg doesn’t or at least not officially has the iPhone, I can’t say anything about activation woes or 1G phones in limbo after trying to update to the 2.0 software.
MobileMe is up and running now. The push of mails and calendar events seems to work fine between my iMac and my MBP. The price for the service has dropped to 69 € instead of 99€ (it is $99 in the States…) for European countries with the euro. I like that I can also modify my calendar from a Windows machine running Firefox 2 or 3. The MobileMe service is not fully compatible with IE7 (not that I’m interested in using it anyway).
So things are starting to normalise around Apple’s services… Thankfully!
Now if we could just have the iPhone here in Luxembourg…

iPhone fever in the UK

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Via Macworld UK:

Apple’s new iPhone sold out online in Britain ahead of its Friday launch, defying general consumer gloom as the country’s economy threatened to tip over into its first recession in more than a decade.

Carrier O2 said on Tuesday its website had been unable to cope with demand, which peaked at 13,000 per second. It later said it had sold out. Carphone Warehouse said the level of interest was 10 times that for the original iPhone last year.
[From iPhone U.K. Web Sites Swamped Before Friday Launch]

Holy smoke! I think the Brits have gone crazy! 13,000 per second?!? I wonder how it is going to play out in the other countries. Yes, yes, I know: Luxemborug is still not on the map… :-(

What a joke!

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Steve Jobs and his team presented the latest in the iPhone saga today. As expected, the device is improving and becoming increasingly available across the planet.

Quite a few will see the phone on 11 July, among them are most of the remaining big markets like Italy, Spain and Japan. Coming soon are countries like Malta, Liechtenstein and … the Ivory Coast!! You would have thought that Luxembourg would be at least among the “coming soon” countries. Especially now, where all the neighbouring countries (Germany, France and Belgium) have or will have it.

The market might be insignificant, but compared to Malta, Liechtenstein or the Ivory Coast, it should be more interesting to strike a deal with the providers in Luxembourg!

Full list of countries here

So P&T, Vox and Tele2Tango: Get in gear please! We want the iPhone as well! And with a good and reasonably priced data plan as well!!!

iPhone finally coming to Luxembourg?

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The keynote of WWDC on 9 June is approaching rapidly and Steve will be doing it himself. This indicates that more than just standard news will be announced.

As for the iPhone, we are seeing announcements from several providers that they are going to offer the iPhone is this and that and these countries “some time this year”. Whether or not this will be a 3G version, with or without GPS etc. is still unclear. This will undoubtedly be much clearer after Steve’s keynote on the 9th.

As no news have been announced regarding Luxembourg, I fear that Luxembourg won’t have an “official” provider in the near future… All the neighbouring countries (Germany (O2), France (Orange) and Belgium (Mobistar as part of Orange) have or will have it this year. It doesn’t make sense that Luxembourg is not included this time around. Are LuxGSM, Vox and Tango to cheese-paring to pay the price asked by Apple?

Yet Another in the Ongoing Series Wherein … I Examine a Piece of Supposedly Serious Apple Analysis … No Matter How Egregious the Inaccuracies / Fabrications / Exaggerations …

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Above the title of John Gruber’s take on another stupid article…here:

Final words from Gruber:

Or, as Albert Einstein actually did put it, “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”

Very good and rather sad to read. How can serious journalists put together such crap?

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Legal iPhone in Luxembourg (not)

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If you absolutely need an iPhone right now :-) After considering the options, I think it would be wise to visit neighbouring country France to get an iPhone. Expensive at 749 € including the (legal) unlocking of the phone, but at least you will have no worries about the next firmware update. If you can wait 😉Sit out until the iPhone version 2.0 comes next year with 3G and maybe – if we are lucky – GPS. At that time Luxembourg might be on the list of countries selling it…

UPDATE: the phones are unlocked to be used only with other French providers… What a load of c…!