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GPS logging and Aperture 3

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I have (back when Aperture was Aperture 2) been talking about which solution would be the easiest when trying to pair your RAW files with GPS data from some sort of device. In the end, I decided to buy the PhotoGPS from Jobo only to discover that was not possible to embed your GPS data from the PhotoGPS into the RAW files in Aperture, because Aperture did not have XMP support.
Aperture seems to have XMP support now. At least that is what has been said. However, when importing the photos with the XMP files produced by the PhotoGPS application, Aperture still is unable to match the RAW files with the XMP files. Is it because the XMP files are truly XMP complaint? I don’t know.
Anyway, it would be nice if Jobo would allow me to export the data from the PhotoGPS as a GPS track file, instead of insisting on doing a match in the accompanying PhotoGPS application and thus letting me do the match in Aperture.
My Jobo PhotoGPS has been hibernating since May last year because of Aperture’s lack of XMP support, but it looks like I should look at a different GPS logging solution. Given Aperture’s requirements the best solutions would be one that can output a GPS track file and it has to be mac compatible. Any suggestions?

New GPS device for all cameras…

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phototrackr DLP900Gisteq has a new GPS device to help you record GPS data to your photos. It’s called PhotoTrackrDPL900. I’m obviously interested in using it with a Mac, so can data can be written into the EXIF data of raw files, when I use Aperture?

The Jobo PhotoGPS is not really properly compatible with Aperture, as you are forced to write the GPS data to jpg files… Mine is now collecting dust waiting for Jobo or Apple to do something to enable me to either write the data directly into the EXIF data of the raw files or to have a new version of Aperture with XMP support… Another advantage with the Gisteq device is that it doesn’t have to be attached to the camera. You can put it in your pocket or your photo bag while taking your photographs.

Derrick Story did a review of the previous version as well as of the Jobo PhotoGPS some time ago.