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MobileMe is not working here in Luxembourg

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All day has been a mess regarding my .mac e-mail account. As most of the population will know, we are approaching the launch of the iPhone 3G rapidly. The App Store via iTunes is online (and is looking very nice, very nice indeed) and iTunes has been updated and the update was available here as well.
However, the address www.mac.com has been unreachable since this morning, thus making it impossible to check any e-mail via a web browser. It was supposed to last six hours, but here there is nothing in working order… The new address doesnt work either (http://www.me.com). It is just showing the feature page at Apple regarding the MobileMe package.
So currently Mail seems to be retrieving all mails on the server, Growl is misbehaving after the install of MobileMe (which by the way still is not available in Software Update).
The MobileMe preference pane is not working:

Not very Apple-like to put their customers in this position…

UPDATE: me.com seems to be responding albeit slowly… Hopefully Apple will have it sorted quickly. The massive impact of the millions of iPhones coming online tomorrow has not kicked in yet…

iPhone fever in the UK

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Via Macworld UK:

Apple’s new iPhone sold out online in Britain ahead of its Friday launch, defying general consumer gloom as the country’s economy threatened to tip over into its first recession in more than a decade.

Carrier O2 said on Tuesday its website had been unable to cope with demand, which peaked at 13,000 per second. It later said it had sold out. Carphone Warehouse said the level of interest was 10 times that for the original iPhone last year.
[From iPhone U.K. Web Sites Swamped Before Friday Launch]

Holy smoke! I think the Brits have gone crazy! 13,000 per second?!? I wonder how it is going to play out in the other countries. Yes, yes, I know: Luxemborug is still not on the map… :-(

What a joke!

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Steve Jobs and his team presented the latest in the iPhone saga today. As expected, the device is improving and becoming increasingly available across the planet.

Quite a few will see the phone on 11 July, among them are most of the remaining big markets like Italy, Spain and Japan. Coming soon are countries like Malta, Liechtenstein and … the Ivory Coast!! You would have thought that Luxembourg would be at least among the “coming soon” countries. Especially now, where all the neighbouring countries (Germany, France and Belgium) have or will have it.

The market might be insignificant, but compared to Malta, Liechtenstein or the Ivory Coast, it should be more interesting to strike a deal with the providers in Luxembourg!

Full list of countries here

So P&T, Vox and Tele2Tango: Get in gear please! We want the iPhone as well! And with a good and reasonably priced data plan as well!!!

iPhone finally coming to Luxembourg?

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The keynote of WWDC on 9 June is approaching rapidly and Steve will be doing it himself. This indicates that more than just standard news will be announced.

As for the iPhone, we are seeing announcements from several providers that they are going to offer the iPhone is this and that and these countries “some time this year”. Whether or not this will be a 3G version, with or without GPS etc. is still unclear. This will undoubtedly be much clearer after Steve’s keynote on the 9th.

As no news have been announced regarding Luxembourg, I fear that Luxembourg won’t have an “official” provider in the near future… All the neighbouring countries (Germany (O2), France (Orange) and Belgium (Mobistar as part of Orange) have or will have it this year. It doesn’t make sense that Luxembourg is not included this time around. Are LuxGSM, Vox and Tango to cheese-paring to pay the price asked by Apple?

New Computerhome store in Belle Étoile, Bertrange

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Gilles and his team opened the new Computerhome store opposite the cash in Belle Étoile, Bertrange today. The store is small but well organised. Full line of Apple products are available and the all the Macintosh computers are on display for a hands-on experience. Go have a look and tell Gilles that I sent you :-)

Congratulations to Gilles and his team for making this happen!