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First Luxembourg Mac Meetup the 22 February

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A few of you have signed up, and I look forward to meet some fellow Mac users here in Luxembourg. Details are available at the Luxembourg Mac Meetup page, where you can sign up to get the information about upcoming events automatically. I will still have to find out about their opening hours, but they ought to be open in the evening as well…

[composed and posted with ecto] and France Télécom opening up…

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According to Macbidouille will open their access to 10 Mbs down and 800 kbs up… Not bad. This is of course only in theory, as it depends on the distance from the central. Obtaining these speeds makes you wonder if you shouldn’t upgrade your 802.11b network… Hmmm. I got my Airport Express but I have and old Snow base station… An update is be imminent :) …. when it comes to Luxembourg. Currently we are been promised up to 3 Mbs by the 15 September 2004 (the most expensive option). I will get 2 Mbs which shouldn’t bomb the current 802.11b network in my house.
Further reading at [site in French]

Using Bluetooth headsets with iChat AV

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O’Reilly has an excellent article about using a BT headset with iChat AV – and your BT-enabled phone. Apparently, the problems are solved with the release of Bluetooth version 1.5. for the Mac. Also a note on the reason why you have to set the sound prefs in System prefs and in iChat AV.
BT headset is on my wish list now.
Listening to Bluetooth (or at least trying to):