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Wi-Fi everywhere

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That would be nice. Luxembourg is moving in the right direction by installing a free wireless network in parts of the city centre. I still haven’t tried it out as I haven’t had the time… Hotcity is the name, and the marketing is about the worst I have ever seen. Check it out at Just a static page without any information whatsoever conecerning coverage etc…! They do however provide three paragraphs in three differnet languages (EN, FR and DE). Well, Luxembourg has never been the center of any marketing wizardry…

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Plazes beta

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Plazes just released a preview beta of the new Plazes. Holy c… Here’s a view of Plazes around Luxembourg city:


I’m just discovering everything, but it looks really impressive. List of the plazes you have visited and the duration of your stay (time online there I suppose).

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TomTom5 and Mac

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I have finally settled for a GPS system for the car – and for the city trip etc. First choice was TomTom. They offer both a “device” solution and a PDA solution. Not that I really need a PDA, but it makes the whole system more mobile, i.e. I can use not only with the car, but also on the bike and/or for walking.
One big annoyance was the fact that the CD’s did not come with a Mac installer! I searched on TomTom’s web site to no avail. Their support pages are very poor to say the least. Anyway, I finally found out, that they have do have a Mac installer.
Pick it up here.
This is the version 1.0.4. TomTom might provide you with something better in the future Smile
I am currently putting the maps onto the PDA (T5). It takes ages to upload the maps. I managed to get Italy on it, but as I am not living in nor currently in Italy Smile it is a bit difficult to test the setup with that map. Now the Alps are hotsyncing, and so far it has taken several hours to hotsync the 185 MB to the PDA Smile. France, Benelux, Germany and Scandinavia is still to come…

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Wi-Fi in Luxembourg

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So it does exists… Luxembourg is currently chairing the European Union so the Luxembourg government (and the local telecommunications company P&T) have been busy setting up wireless – and free –  access in several places in Luxembourg.

Here is the list of Wi-Fi hotspots published on the P&T web site:

–  FINDEL airport new terminal
–  FINDEL airport old terminal
– Hôtel IBIS & Etap Hotel – FINDEL airport
– Hôtel Vasco Da Gama – 29 rue J. Junck, Luxembourg
– Hôtel Schintgen –  6 rue Notre Dame, Luxembourg
– City Hôtel – 1 rue de Strasbourg, Luxembourg
– Hôtel Domus – 37 av. Monterey, Luxembourg
– Hôtel Campanile – 22 route de Trèves, Luxembourg
– Hôtel Delta – 74 rue Adolphe Fischer, Luxembourg
– Auberge de la Jeunesse, Luxembourg Pfaffental
– Hôtel Hilton – 12 rue J. Engling, Luxembourg
– Chambre de Commerce – 7, Rue Alcide de Gasperi, Luxembourg Kirchberg
– Hotel Mercure Alfa – 16 place de la Gare, Luxembourg
– Hôtel Sofitel – Luxembourg Kirchberg
– Hôtel Novotel – Luxembourg Kirchberg
– Hôtel Parc Belle-vue – 109, av.Marie Thérèse, Luxembourg
– Hôtel Plazza – 5, av.Marie Thérèse, Luxembourg
– Hôtel Parc Belair – 109, av. du dix septembre, Luxembourg
– Hôtel Ponte Vecchio – 271, rue de Neudorf, Luxembourg
– Hôtel Nobilis – 47, av. de la Gare, Luxembourg
– Relais Mercure – 30, rue J.Junck, Luxembourg
– Abbaye de Neumünster, Luxembourg
– Casino 2000, Mondorf
– Hôtel Grand Chef – 36, av. des bains, Mondorf      
– Mondorf Parc, Mondorf
– Hôtel Petry – 15, rue de la gare, Vianden      
– Hôtel Windsor, Mondorf
– Hôtel Victor Hugo – 1, rue Victor Hugo, Vianden
– Château de Vianden, Vianden
– Cour des comptes, Luxembourg

Direct link (page is in French and it may brake after the 30 June 2005)