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Apple gives deal to new .Mac members

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Apple is offering a special discount to those who sign up for a .Mac membership before May 24, 2005.  Those who purchase a .Mac box from the online Apple Store, Apple retail stores or participating resellers will save $30 off the regular $99 price.

“If you are currently receiving this newsletter as part of a trial .Mac membership, the Tiger launch is an ideal time to upgrade to full membership,” according to Apple.  “Likewise if you’re already a full member and know others you think would enjoy and benefit from a membership themselves, now is a great time to bring .Mac to their attention again.”

Is really worthwhile if you consider buying Tiger. Looking at the tighter integration of your .Mac account with your system(s), makes this a really attractive deal.

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First Luxembourg Mac Meetup the 22 February

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A few of you have signed up, and I look forward to meet some fellow Mac users here in Luxembourg. Details are available at the Luxembourg Mac Meetup page, where you can sign up to get the information about upcoming events automatically. I will still have to find out about their opening hours, but they ought to be open in the evening as well…

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Ludo has sent this to me:


For info:
I’ve created a forum for Luxembourg Mac Users I hope to insure better communication between users. As many people speak many languages the forum is conceived so that anyone (registered) can post topics.
I hope it will become a reference for Apple related classified in Luembourg.
(default language is French but it’s easy to switch language).
Also: has been translated in English:

So I suggest that any Luxembourg Apple user should go and log on there. This way we could build an stronger Apple community here.

We could also start to use “macchatlu” in iChat? How? Well, if you already have an AIM account, just type (Apple)+G, then “macchatlu” and finally “Go”. If you have not got a clue about this, comment on this entry Smile


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I’ve had my Flickr account for a while now, but haven’t really used it yet. Maybe it’s me, by the moblogging at Typepad doesn’t really work for me. So I will be using the Flickr from now on. I have downloaded the Uploadr for Mac OSX, although I probably will use it mostly with my phone. As you can see, I’ve put the badge on the blog to the right as well Smile

Update: Flickr is not reliable at the moment, so I deleted the link to the right for now. Could be a week-end thing Smile