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iLife ’05 – iPhoto

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Just installed the iLife suite on the iBook (700 mHz). Testing the iPhoto app first as it is the one app I use the most. One crash already Sad (I know, I approaching the critical part of the system requirements…) Anyway, it looks very nice. More ways to organise your albums as you can create subfolders. Editing the title and comments to pictures is much faster and presented in a more handy way.
One big regret… The photo service is not available in Luxembourg (wasn’t before either). I don’t understand why it is not possible to get that organised in a country as small as Luxembourg! Anyway, I have tried to order a couple of small books by playing Belgian and indicating Luxembourg in the address on my Apple account. We will see how it turns out…
I suppose I won’t be testing iMovie HD on this computer. iDVD won’t even run… I need a new Mac!

Go and get your copy of iLife ’05. The improvements in iPhoto justify an upgrade!

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Two iTMS accounts?

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I’m just curious: If I live in Canada and have a credit card account in the US, I can use that account to buy music in the US… What if I live in Luxembourg, have a credit card account there, but also an account in let us say France. Would I then have the opportunity to buy in iTMS with the two credit cards keeping two accounts but having one playlist containing my “Purchased Music”???

iTMS Luxembourg

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Yes, I can confirm that the store is operational and it works perfect! The selection is not fantastic. If you want the latest from the Billboard charts, you will be disappointed. As I’m not the typical Luxembourger, I can say if the local artists are well represented. Being a Dane, I’m of course disappointed to hear that Denmark didn’t get a store this time around. The selection of Danish artists is very poor in the Luxembourgish store anyway. I don’t know if the deal is to have all music available in all stores… I imagine not. Already making a search requires a certain certitude about what you are looking for. Otherwise you get a high number of hits. Here’s a list of my first purchases Smile
Fly Me To The Moon from the album “C’est Si Bon” by Louis Armstrong

No ITMS in Luxembourg?

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From Mac Rumors: New iTMS Localizations Tuesday? [Updated]:

Think Secret says the the iTunes Music Store should have an October 26th rollout into several European countries, as well as Australia and other venues. Various MacRumors readers report that the iTMS is currently unavailable for browsing from their countries today, suggesting the localizations for them may be just around the corner. Those reports include Switzerland, Austria, Ireland, and Canada, with users being greeted with a new message stating “iTMS is not available in your country yet.”

[Update] – Additional countries as reported by readers










New Zealand




If this is indeed the case, Luxembourg is once again not in the game Sad I have the message “iTMS is not available in your country yet.” but have no problems surfing the four existing stores after I click on the OK button. No change here.

As with the Apple Store, the customers living in Luxembourg are not able to buy directly from Apple. The iTMS will not be accessible from Luxembourg either I suppose… One should consider a bank account in a neighbour country…

Interpretation of the facts

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The MSN Music Store launched by Microsoft is trying to make people hit Apple for being unwilling to cooperate… John Gruber offers his analysis of the situation.

The best quote:

The “consumer choice” championed by Microsoft involves no choice at all regarding:

▪ Media format (Windows Media)

▪ Operating system (Windows)

▪ Web browser (Internet Explorer) But other than that, Microsoft is all for choice.

The Paneuropean iTMS

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Well, the Danes seems to be first line for the Paneuropean store promised by Jobs at the Expo in Paris. Apparently Microsoft and Apple will try to launch as soon as possible in Denmark (by not earlier than October). I wonder if the music market is particular worth while in that country compared to countries like Spain, Switzerland, Czech Republic etc… And does this mean that the launch in the rest of Europe will be later than October? Before Christmas…? Spain ought to be on Apple’s list for a launch soon as it is a big music loving country…
As I’ve said before, all I’m really interested in is having Luxembourg on the list Smile At the moment albums are sold for around 16-18 euros, which is holding me off buying anything.

Steve Jobs in London

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I took the time to watch the iTunes Music Store introduction made by Steve Jobs in London. It is brilliant! I’m not taking about the content but the quality of the streaming from London. Amazing!

Of course I took note of the launch of the “Pan EU” store in October… I’m not buying any more CDs between now and then. 99 cents – cool! And I want that Express thing in order to extend my home network and use it to emit airtunes… Smile

Only UK, France and Germany Get iTunes Music Store

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My hope is that “European Union” version includes Luxembourg! But of course it all boils down to the money. The three countries (Germany, France and the UK) sit on 62 % of the European market for music, so….

With breakthrough pricing of just €0.99 and £0.79 and an online catalog of more than 700,000 songs, the iTunes Music Store in the UK, France and Germany is the best way for Mac and PC users to legally discover, purchase and download music online. Apple will launch a European Union version of the iTunes Music Store in October. (My highlighting)

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