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Apple TV take 2 in Europe

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As indicated by MacBidouille, the price of the Apple TV has not been lowered in Europe, which makes the device approximately 100 euros more expensive here than in the States. This is ridiculous except if Apple wants to deter their European customers from buying as it is of little or no use to European customers. Apart from the UK store, no films or TV shows are available in the iTunes store so really. Is it worth paying the high price when you will not able to use all the features of the device?

Yet Another in the Ongoing Series Wherein … I Examine a Piece of Supposedly Serious Apple Analysis … No Matter How Egregious the Inaccuracies / Fabrications / Exaggerations …

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Above the title of John Gruber’s take on another stupid article…here:

Final words from Gruber:

Or, as Albert Einstein actually did put it, “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”

Very good and rather sad to read. How can serious journalists put together such crap?

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Boycott Sony

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This is not looking good. I totally agree with Dan Goodin. It is a disgrace.

FromWired News: Boycott Sony:

After weeks of criticism, Sony has finally agreed to temporarily stand down on an abusive and likely illegal copy -restriction practice. Hold the applause.

On Friday, the world’s second-biggest record label pledged to temporarily stop making CDs that leave computers vulnerable to security breaches. This is a step in the right direction, but it does not go nearly far enough toward correcting a serious ethical lapse. In fact, it is proof positive that Sony is unworthy of our trust or our business.

via Writers Block Live

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Metro in Rome

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Just to let you know that you should be very careful when travelling in the metro in Rome. In particular, the line going to the Vatican (Battistini).

My wallet was stolen when entering the train at the Barberini stop in direction of Battistini. It is a apparently a very common thing there. We saw a lot of police and carabinieri above the ground but none in the metro. I lost money yes, but the worst thing is the loss of all the other stuff you tend to carry in your wallet. Driver’s licence and credit cards. Most importantly personal stuff that is of absolutely no value to the thief.
Anyway, should you find a black Jack Wolfskin wallet in the neighbourhood of the Barberini metro stop in Rome, ripped of money, but containing other useless stuff, please let me know. I have no faith in the Italian police, as they seem to accept it as a fact of life.
Maybe they should just put up some mailboxes here and there where the theft is more frequent, to give the f****** thieves a place to drop the emptied wallets. That way at least one might have a chance of getting some of his personal items back.
Enough said, I pity those poor bastards.

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Antonio Curra

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I discovered this by coincidence and I was shocked. Antonio, an Italian tourist visiting Denmark, was killed by two turks trying to rob him in Denmark in August last year. That is not shocking. People get mugged and killed everywhere, but how in heaven’s name can you refuse to help someone who shows you a stab wound he just received? A cab driver and his passengers all claimed that they didn’t have a mobile phone in working order and the cab driver (I reeeally doubt this) apparently didn’t have radio contact with the central… Bad isn’t it? Now listen to this: Antonio’s parents came to Denmark this week for a memorial service to be held for him, they put down flowers where he was killed. The flowers were later set on fire and someone wrote »HAHAHA« on the sidewalk… What is going through these people’s minds?
I lack words.

iBook’s hard disk dead

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Well, just want to underline the fact that you have to back up your files! My iBook literally died in my arms starting to send out strange ticking noises… Really bad. Mnical failure in hard drive. Two years old… I’m getting a new Hitachi Travelstar 60GB at 7200 RPM instead, and of course I will establish a backup policy Crap! I just had so much stuff on the old one… Crap!

iPhoto ordering service sort of available in Europe

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Most users in Europe are now able to order prints of their photos directly from iPhoto.
– Select a couple of photos and click »Order prints«.
– Set up an Apple ID-account if you don’t have one already (it’s free).
– And…
I didn’t get any further because it’s not available in Luxembourg SadSad. It’s exactly the same problem as with the Apple Store. In Apple’s eyes Luxembourg is a province in Belgium, but then again it isn’t, so people in Luxembourg are shut out completely. I would love to have this problem solved. The sooner the better! Just modify the Belgian part of the store to accept Luxembourgish addresses as well.
I won’t even start to think about what will happen when the iTunes Music Store comes to Europe…