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Wanna hear what that “breast-enlarging” ringtone sounds like?

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Admit it, even though you know it’s totally bogus and totally crass, you’ve been dying to actually hear what that breast-englarging ringtone they’ve been selling in Japan sounds like, right? Well, we got Gareth, our Tokyo correspondent, to download it to his phone and make copy of it for us, which we’re making available to you as an MP3 (for educational purposes, of course). If you can’t be bothered to download it (or don’t want to take the risk of the ringtone actually having its advertised effect), we can tell you it sounds mainly like Yngwie Malmsteen playing a guitar solo, which for some reason makes perfect sense. Now if you’ll excuse us, we’ve been blasting this all morning and must now run out to get our first training bras. Download the ringtone

What is the world coming to? Smile

Legoland Tracks Kids by Wi-FI

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The Billund, Denmark, Legoland uses KidSpotter to track children in the park, if parents want: For a rental fee, parents can Wi-Fi enable their children preventing their unintentional loss across the 10-hectare (25 acre) theme park. If your child disappears, the parent uses SMS with their child’s number, and they’re providing with exact location information in response. It’s the largest location-based Wi-Fi network in the world, the release says, meaning it’s the largest network of its kind in which you can track items within it. Bluesoft’s technology is behind Kidspotter. They separately announced today that their Wi-Fi/radio frequency ID (RFID) tracking technology AeroScout WLAN Location is available for tracking all kinds of valuable assets (not just children) with precise location information across Wi-Fi networks. Because of the high per-unit cost, the company lists applications like tracking people, cars, and containers….

[via Wi-Fi Networking News]

Spymac 3, public beta 1

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These guys really kick off in style! Those not currently on a .Mac account check this out!

Your account includes:
25 MB Mail account,
150 MB of space to upload pictures in the Spymac Gallery
100 MB free space on Spymac Hosting
Access to the Spymac Forums and Shoutbox
Your very own Spymac Blog
Access to the Spymac Auctions
The ability to create your very own personal Gallery and Forum


Spymac 3, public beta 1