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Skype for Mac OS X

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New version is out! Chat with 50 people at the same time?!? Not! But I’m sure that the app will behave even better Smile

Some of the new features from the change log:
• new feature: events and services module in the main window
• new feature: in “Do Not Disturb” mode new incoming chat’s are not opened in chat window(s)
• new feature: online status set to AWAY when screensaver starts
• new feature: option to show online contacts only
• new feature: red badge of missed events on the dock icon
• new feature: return values for Skype API AppleScript interface
• new feature: tooltips in contact list

Download here

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Water Talkies

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Water Talkies – Engadget –

Look, it’s freaking summer, ok? We have no idea what you’re doing inside reading this stuff (or what we’re doing inside writing it), but what you need to be doing is chilling with your friends, preferrably poolside. And while you’re at it, give your kids some Water Talkies, because kids really love barking swear words at each other underwater where parents can’t hear. You totally know you used to do it

Not bad. Now we just need a bit of summer Wink Luxembourg has not seen much of it so far this year!

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iKeyInfinity Inc.

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I just posted about the Optimus keyboard. Here is another Russian company iKeyInfinity Inc. with a similar product, that might be closer to a release:

From their web site:

All Personal Computers in the world require a keyboard or similar input device in order to enter information into the computer or to control it.

A typical computer keyboard has a set of keys. Each key has a static character printed or etched onto its surface, according to a specific alphabetic language or functional layout.

A wide variety of languages and the constrained square of the single keys are factors which CAUSE manufacturers to produce keyboards with specific characters printed on the key caps.

These specialized keyboards create difficulties for many users who uses several different languages (at least 2) or who use specialty applications for home, graphic, entertainment and others.

The multi-lingual keyboard is a totally new product in the HID (Human Interface Device) and as a result, is a highly versatile device for data-entry.

Interesting development in the keyboard market… Smile

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iPodlounge: The Complete Guide to iPod Audiobooks

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Kirk McElhearn goes through the immense possibilities you have to use your iPod for listening to audiobooks.

iPodlounge | The Complete Guide to iPod Audiobooks

He mentions several ways to retrieve/buy books as well as gives advice on how to prepare them for your iPod.

I just got back from a longer trip during which I listened to Dan Brown’s “The DaVinci Code”. It is perfect for lone long trips I have to say. Time pass a lot quicker.

Let me just recommend for your buying needs. It exists in German and in French.

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Apple Store in Luxembourg?

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We are trying to make it happen…

Robert (our president) sent the following e-mail based on the feedback from the Luxembourg Apple Mac User Group:


We are members of the Apple User Group Luxembourg. Robert Reuter is president of the group, Ludovic Lange is the web master of the web site> and cofounder of the Apple User Group Luxembourg and Jess Have is member of our group and has set up the petition in support of an Apple Store in Luxembourg.
The group held a very successful first meeting last Saturday and many members were wondering why Apple refuses to deliver any merchandise to non commercial users in Luxembourg using the French, German or even Belgian Apple Store.

The petition is accessible here:, where you will see that many of our members have already signed.

Recently we have discovered that Portuguese Mac users suffer from the same problem. No petition has been launched for the Portuguese Apple Store.

Do you know if other countries are in the same inconvenient situation?

We would like to contact Apple Benelux to expose our members’ point of view with support from other Apple User Groups around the world.

We understand that there might be problems due to the variable VAT rate in the European Union, and problems linked to keyboard choice (although the German store does not have any problems offering other keyboard layouts than the traditional German one – same goes for the Belgian store). On the other hand a Luxembourgish store would not have to be localised as the population can manage in both French and German and in many cases also in English.

Any feedback is welcome.

Best regards,

Robert Reuter
President of the Apple User Group Luxembourg

Ludovic Lange

Jess Have

The mail has since been published on the mailing list. Hopefully our fellow Mac User Groups will step in to support our efforts to enjoy the benefits from an Apple Store in your own country.

More information about our Mac User Group is available at

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First Luxembourg Mac Meetup the 22 February

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A few of you have signed up, and I look forward to meet some fellow Mac users here in Luxembourg. Details are available at the Luxembourg Mac Meetup page, where you can sign up to get the information about upcoming events automatically. I will still have to find out about their opening hours, but they ought to be open in the evening as well…

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