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Aperture 3 and Olympus XZ-1 – FCP and FCE

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I have had the Olympus XZ-1 for a while now, and I’m very pleased with the camera and its f1.8 lens. Being an Aperture user and no Photoshop fan, I am however eagerly waiting for the Aperture 3 update that will include the XZ-1 amongst its supported cameras… All my RAW files are just sitting on the camera, and I can’t be bothered to use the Olympus software to handle them.
The Olympus software is no Mac-like application, but I will admit that the software has potential. Being able to apply the art filters in the post-processing is nice.

So Apple, please. An update.

I’m also a FCE (Final Cut Express) user, or rather was. Since the latest version of iMovie came out, I have opened FCE only once. Many of the iMovie features are new and not available in FCE. So I hope that the hype evolving around the SuperMeet will result not only in a new FCP (Final Cut Pro), but also in a new FCE version with some new breathtaking features :-)

Only time will show.