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iPhone revealed

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Steve showed it at MacWorld Expo today. Awesome! Details here:

iPod, phone, PDA and internet connection device all in one small package. However Apple Inc. (they dropped the “Computer” from their name today) is looking more and more like a U.S. only company. The deal with the iPhone is exclusively with cingular in the States and the deal will allow “Apple to be Apple” and “cingular to be cingular”. In order to provide the features Steve showed, the operator must meet some requirements as well, I suppose. Europe is foreseen for the 4Q of 2007. I bet that would be something like the U.K and Germany where use of mobile phones is very high. Japan should be an obvious choice for an introduction ASAP. It is exactly the same with the offerings on iTunes store: . On the other hand I reckon Luxembourg – as usual when it comes to consumer access to anything telecommunication – will – if it at all – have the iPhone some time in 2008 or 2009. Another disadvantage living in a very small country :-( And it is the same story with the offerings on the iTunes Store… US only… hmmmm.

Cyberphone K

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Got this in the mail today:

VoIPvoice are pleased to inform you that the VoIPvoice to Skype Integration software for Mac is available for download at

PLEASE NOTE: Skype CyberPhone K (V652SKLMR) and Skype for Mac version or above is also required.

For help and support please visit our forums at


Hopefully, this will be functioning properly… I haven’t tested it.

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