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iPodlounge: The Complete Guide to iPod Audiobooks

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Kirk McElhearn goes through the immense possibilities you have to use your iPod for listening to audiobooks.

iPodlounge | The Complete Guide to iPod Audiobooks

He mentions several ways to retrieve/buy books as well as gives advice on how to prepare them for your iPod.

I just got back from a longer trip during which I listened to Dan Brown’s “The DaVinci Code”. It is perfect for lone long trips I have to say. Time pass a lot quicker.

Let me just recommend for your buying needs. It exists in German and in French.

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Amazon’s 800 number

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Found this via Link [Boing Boing Blog]:

In “Cool Tools,” Kevin Kelly writes:

On average I’ve ordered from Amazon once a week for the last four years or so. Not just books, but power tools, toys, kitchen stuff, the whole lot. Given the volume of my orders I think their customer service is super great; it sets the gold standard for other companies. No other merchant online or offline has provided the ease and accuracy of ordering as Amazon does. Still, in my experience there are occasionally glitches that their email-bots can’t deal with, usually entailing a minor billing snafu. In these rare cases you need’s almost-secret real-person customer service telephone number. You won’t find it on their website. I once got it by calling 800 directory assistance. In any case, they make it hard to find because a call costs Amazon more, so you should jot down this number for those special moments when only a human will do: 800-201-7575.

I have never had to call them though. This is the number for the US store…