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Virtual PC 5.0 under Panther (update)

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Well, I haven’t been able to make this crappy app work properly under Panther. I didn’t do a clean install of the whole thing though. VPC 5.0 and the XP operating system, that I use. I can launch the app, but the hard drive I created before Panther is corrupted in some way so it’s trying to repair but never succeeds. I’m not going to pay for the upgrade to 6.01 because the app is probably going to die soon anyway. Crap! I only use it for web banking, because the banks here in Europe aren’t to Mac-friendly.

Drag and drop text clippings with Exposé

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Exposé is absolutely fantastic! This is another great use for it.

“I select some text in Safari. I click and hold until it becomes draggable. Now I hit F9. All of the windows shrink. When I place the cursor over the desired TextEdit window, the cursor becomes a white circle with slash, indicating that I can’t drop there. However, a moment later Exposé brings that window to the foreground and I am able to drop my text. Elegant!”

From [Mac OS X Hints]

In fact you can drag your text to any text editor, even the weblog editor in NetNewsWire.

Virtual PC 5.0 under Panther

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Anyone have an idea whether this is a functional combination? I really don’t want to shell out for VPC 6 after M$ bought VPC… I installed VPC 5 on one of my harddisk under Panther and dragged the image of my “old” Windows “harddisk” over into the Configurations folder in the VPC 5.0 Preferences folder. Unfortunately I get an error saying that I need to try to reinstall a certain VPC 5 extension again Sad