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The latest issue of Quicktime News from Apple contains an article about nanotechnology. It points to a QuickTime movie about nanotechnology on the web site of AthenaWeb. The movie is very interesting, but already 4 years old! It explains what possibilities the nanotechnology might bring us. Furthermore it seems like Europe is ahead in this particular race Smile Check it out!

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5 handy Quicksilver triggers

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5 handy Quicksilver triggers from 43Folders:

  1. Append to commonly-used lists
  2. View contents of your favorite folder
  3. Paste from the shelf and the clipboard
  4. Paste usernames and trivial passwords
  5. Configure new triggers faster

… and the comments to the post are worth a lot too!
Quicksilver is awesome.

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Another Quicksilver Tutorial: Gold Trigger

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Dan Dickinson has posted a power tutorial on QS that is absolutely amazing! If you haven’t tried out QS yet, now is the time! Pick up the application here.

Dan Dickinson says:

By this point, Quicksilver is a staple in the must-have applications for most OS X power users. It’s a feature packed, robust application with almost limitless potential to help you streamline your day to day computing tasks.

If you are new to QS, you might want to start here

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Firefox surpasses 20% market share in Europe

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For once we are ahead Smile

Firefox dépasse les 20 % de part de marché en Europe:

Selon Xiti, une entreprise de mesure et d’analyse de l’audience des sites Web, Firefox vient de dépasser les 20 % de part de marché sur le vieux continent. La France se situe un peu en dessous de cette moyenne avec 18 % alors que la Finlande, la Slovénie et l’Allemagne ont passé la barre des 30 %…
Pour finir, une pré-version de Firefox est disponible pour les Macs Intel sur le blog d’un des principaux développeurs Mac de Firefox. Attention, ce n’est pas une version universelle mais uniquement Intel.

Download Firefox 1.5 for Mac Intel only


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