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Luxembourg Mac Meetup tonight

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Another successful meetup took place tonight. Always interesting to meet new people and see and hear, how they use their macs. Always a new opportunity to tell about Quicksilver Smile We are now at 46 members in total and growing. Very good!
Some of us are also keen photographers, so I have created a Digital Photography Meetup Group in order to focus on that. Feel free to join! Only 4 members at the last count, but…

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Merlin on MacBreak: Intro to Quicksilver

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Merlin Mann to the people at MacBreak and spoke about Quicksilver. Most of it is more for those who are new to Quicksilver, but have a look!

MacBreak 12: Quicksilver [The TWiT Podcast Network with Leo Laporte]

Video download options

Merlin has also opened a thread on the 43 Folders Board where you can ask questions and if you are a QS Star maybe answer some of them.

Give it a whirl!

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Plazes beta

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Plazes just released a preview beta of the new Plazes. Holy c… Here’s a view of Plazes around Luxembourg city:


I’m just discovering everything, but it looks really impressive. List of the plazes you have visited and the duration of your stay (time online there I suppose).

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