If and when you lose your iPhone

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James Duncan Davidson lists a few requests addressed to AT&T in case you lose your iPhone. His remarks are not only valid for AT&T, but for any provider selling the iPhone. Apple should listen in too.


Now that I’ve experienced the joy of losing my phone and dealing with telephony in a world without it, however temporary the experience may be, I’ve made a list of a few things that any self-respecting telephony site, such as the AT&T Wireless account portal, should have. After all, my iPhone is a slice of the future. The website gateway to my wireless account should at least catch up to what is possible in 2008…

[From AT&T Wireless Feature Requests]


I haven’t lost mine (yet) but I do hope that VoxMobile has an appropriate customer service in case it happens.

Some ways to use the iPhone during winter

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"dot" gloves

Have you considered what to do when you are out in the cold weather wearing your gloves and your iPhone rings? Well, Rob Griffiths has some good ideas :-):

The temperatures outside are dropping rapidly, and many of you will find your hands wrapped in thick gloves. And then suddenly, an important phone call drops in. Unless you’ve plugged in your earphones, or connected your Bluetooth headset to the iPhone, it will take quite a long time to get your hands free to slide the button to speak. So how to answer this important call quickly?

There are “alternative” ways to interact with your iPhone without having to uncover your fingers. For basic actions such as accepting a phone call or unlocking it to read a text message, you can use either your nose or, for some more precise gestures, your tongue. I know this isn’t the most elegant way to operate your beloved iPhone, but in some cases, it needs to be quick and dirty…

For those of you finding this disgusting, but still don’t want to run around with cold fingers, consider buying some fancy iPhone-enabled Dots Gloves.
[From Some ways to use the iPhone during winter]

Vox network coverage for the iPhone in Luxembourg

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I sent the following (12 Nov 2008) to Vox’s customer service because quite frankly, their network coverage is not in the same league as their prices:


Après avoir utilisé l’iPhone un peu plus qu’un mois, je me sens obligé de vous faire part de mon mécontentement de votre service.

La connexion data
D’abord, la connexion est souvent perdue même lorsqu’on se promène en pleine ville (Luxembourg).

Deuxièmement, la connexion, même à Luxembourg-ville, n’est souvent pas du tout 3 G. En dehors de la ville, je capte rarement la connexion en 3G.

Troisièmement, si je suis dans une voiture en dehors de la ville de Luxembourg, je n’arrive pas à voir une connexion data.

Connexion téléphonique
Ceci est le problème le plus grave. Au bureau (au Kirchberg), je ne suis plutôt pas joignable, car le signal est trop pauvre.

J’espère que vous allez procéder à une amélioration de ces défaillances rapidement, car le tarif mensuel ne correspond pas du tout au niveau de votre service.

Votre service clients
Pourriez-vous mettre la musique ou bien le silence après avoir signalé qu’aucun correspondant n’est disponible pour l’instant? En plus, il n’est pas normal de couper la connexion lorsqu’on est en attente…

Dans l’attente d’une amélioration rapide des points soulévés,”

Today (16 November 2008) I still haven’t received a reply.

Since sending the e-mail, I have also experienced dropped calls due to loss of connection with the network (no service displayed in the top left corner on iPhone).

Really sad, that Vox isn’t up to the task. And yes, the whole selective voicemail thing showed off by Jobs in the Macworld 2007 keynote is not installed on Vox’s servers either…

Vox’s clients are paying top dollar for a mediocre service…

[End of rant]