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[From App Store Pick of the Week: Grocery IQ]

Thanks to Grocery iQ ($4.99), you may never have to write another shopping list. Now you can tap to quickly build a comprehensive and highly legible list on or iPod touch, arrange your list by aisle to match the layout of your grocery store, check off items as you add them to your cart, build a purchase history and a list of favorites. Grocery IQ even lets you email your list to a designated shopper.

Excuse me, but it doesn’t look very good when I end up with this clicking on the link:


This is not an app that should depend on any authorisation or approval from any one in another country, so why isn’t it available in my ?

I hope that TapTapTap‘s app “Groceries” will be available in my App Store…

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  1. Jess,

    Our 130,000 item database contains mostly brands and products that are specific to the USA. Additionally, all of the sizes in our item database are currently in US unit of measures (not metric).

    While Grocery iQ could be used even if you ignored the product database, we feel it would lead to customer confusion, and would not be the best representation of our product’s capabilities.

    We are currently evaluating our options for truly localizing Grocery iQ so that we can provide you with the same experience our USA users get.

    If you want to try out our app anyways, email us at with your iPhone device ID and I’ll send you an ad-hoc version.

    To get your iPhone device ID easily, install this app:

  2. thanks, Jason. I understand your concern as to having US only or specfic goods and groceries. However, I still think that the developers should offer their app to non US customers, but at the same time indicate on their page in the App store that the product is more directed to the US market.
    Obviuosly, the groceries app market is just as big in Europe as in the US :-) We need to go shopping for groceries as well!

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