What a joke!

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Steve Jobs and his team presented the latest in the iPhone saga today. As expected, the device is improving and becoming increasingly available across the planet.

Quite a few will see the phone on 11 July, among them are most of the remaining big markets like Italy, Spain and Japan. Coming soon are countries like Malta, Liechtenstein and … the Ivory Coast!! You would have thought that Luxembourg would be at least among the “coming soon” countries. Especially now, where all the neighbouring countries (Germany, France and Belgium) have or will have it.

The market might be insignificant, but compared to Malta, Liechtenstein or the Ivory Coast, it should be more interesting to strike a deal with the providers in Luxembourg!

Full list of countries here

So P&T, Vox and Tele2Tango: Get in gear please! We want the iPhone as well! And with a good and reasonably priced data plan as well!!!