How NBC Made the Real Apple TV

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NBC out of iTunes might not be a bad thing…

Emmons nails it:

NBC will have, in essence, forced Apple to evolve new seamless ways to timeshift or rip NBC content so as to be consumed by Apple devices. Oh, and because this content won’t be downloaded from iTunes anymore, it will be completely unencumbered by DRM. NBC will have ensured that, In the digital world, all their content will be easily copyable. The opposite of what they set out to accomplish, I believe. But we’ll get a better Apple TV out of it, so I see no reason to complain.

So instead of complaining – rejoice. Apple will modify the Apple TV? This might be possible. In any case, only the States and to a lesser degree the Brits are concerned, as they are the only ones with the possibility to buy episodes of TV series on the planet in iTunes Store.

The new lineup of iPods with video capabilities in all models except the shuffle, should put pressure on Apple to provide more video content to the rest of the world as well… We shall see…

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