Mac mini back from the dead!

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After the last update i.e. 10.4.9, my mac mini (PPC) never got around to list the login window. I have been putting off solving the problem, but I decided to give it another try today. First via Install Disc, Disc Utility repairing… No good.

Then I decided to try updating the mini to 10.4.10 by downloading the combined update, but of course with the mini in target mode (pressing T when starting up). As I had hooked it up to the MBP that didn’t work… The mac mini not being Intel, I couldn’t even start the update as I the MBP is Intel… So what then?

Last try was with a iBook already running 10.4.10. Copy over the combined PPC 10.4.10 update and boot in target mode. I was able to select the mac mini drive to be updated and it worked! Super!

UPDATE: well the mini doesn’t like my setup. Kernel panic at times and definitely when I try to use Quicksilver… :-( Not good… Time for a new mac?

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