Firefox surpasses 20% market share in Europe

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For once we are ahead Smile

Firefox dépasse les 20 % de part de marché en Europe:

Selon Xiti, une entreprise de mesure et d’analyse de l’audience des sites Web, Firefox vient de dépasser les 20 % de part de marché sur le vieux continent. La France se situe un peu en dessous de cette moyenne avec 18 % alors que la Finlande, la Slovénie et l’Allemagne ont passé la barre des 30 %…
Pour finir, une pré-version de Firefox est disponible pour les Macs Intel sur le blog d’un des principaux développeurs Mac de Firefox. Attention, ce n’est pas une version universelle mais uniquement Intel.

Download Firefox 1.5 for Mac Intel only


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Dust catcher

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Cory Doctorow: Striking hollow and airy sofa

This Croissant Sofa from Muleh furniture is striking: made from coconut-leaf core and steal, it consists of a giant, horseshoe-shaped hollow and airy tube with cushion between the horseshoe’s arms.

Well, a bit of a dust catcher in my opinion. Tim Allen might have a good idea on how to keep the dust to a minimum Smile

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The new Sandvox web aauthoring application that is to compete with Apple’siWeb can be found here. I haven’t tried the app yet, but give it a go. Since the system requirements are quite steep on the iLife ’06, you might not need or be able to run the full package, so Sandvox might be your best bet if you are in the need of a web authoring application.

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Stripped down keynote…?

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Mike Evangelist on has mentioned it before and apparently it was the case this time.

There should have been “one more thing” to Steve Jobs keynote at MacWorld the other day, but one noted Mac writer said a well-placed Apple polisher told him the black-turtlenecked one’s speech had to be adjusted at the last minute.

According to David A. Utter on who quotes Leander Kahney on Wired.
Way cooler than remplacements for the 12′ and 17′ PBs… G5 remplacements? Or what? I must admit that the keynote seemed a bit like a re-run when the iLife demo was on – new features yes – but nothing ground breaking… Only time or Steve Smile will tell…

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