Apple Store Luxembourg officially opening soon?

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Apparently, Apple has finally begun accepting orders from private individuals living in Luxembourg. The store is not yet “really” online as the entry URL is for entreprises only. However tracking the package goes through this link I have successful ordered and almost received an item (the TNT guy passed here today), so I guess you could say that the store is open.

According to a reader at

je viens de téléphoner au num. du site et ils m’ont dit qu’il n’y a pas de problème pour se faire livrer au Luxembourg, en plus ils m’ont proposer de me faire un cadeau ou une remise si je commande.

In short it is possible to order and receive delivery in Luxembourg, and they even offered the caller a gift or a discount if he would place an order Smile
So use this link to enter. Eventually this one should take you to the Luxembourg front page… Currently it is redirecting to the Belgian Apple page for iPod and iTunes…app

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