Eating guide London – two nights

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As I’m in London right now, I thought I would share my eating experiences. I’m here on business, so the rest is not that interesting. Yesterday I dined at an Indian resaturant “La Porte des Indes” close to the Marble Arch underground station. From the outside, it looks like a tiny restaurant, but it is huge! The food was splendid. It is not cheap, but worth the money.
Tonight I was in fact just looking for something light – and quick to eat. Wandering off from my very nice Best Western hotel near Marble Arch, I bumped into a Thai place. I went down Oxford Street and took a left down a pretty narrow street and eventually ended up in his Thai restaurant: “Eat-thai Chaopraya”. I just discovered that they have a web site. They don’t have half bottles of wine and only serve one single wine by the glass which is a pity, since I was dining alone.
I would recommend both restaurants. The food is excellent! Surprisingly enough, none of them have Gewürztraminer on their wine card…

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