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I just noticed that Flickr has launched their printing service. You (or whoever you authorise) may now order print of your photos on Flickr. That is, if you (or those you authorise) are located in the U.S. sad
One would think that Flickr would be more international than many other Internet content providers. I don’t know if their customer base in mainly U.s based, but I know that once again the extra services they now provide is U.S. only.
From their blog:

For now it is U.S. only (we know! we’re working hard on rolling it out everywhere!).

I seriously doubt that they will roll out anything here in Luxembourg as it is the case as well with the iPhoto photo printing service sad
As you may notice I am not as ecstatic as many of the others on Flickr (the U.S. inhabitants) – and I suppose they are Windows or Linux users, because the iPhoto service is largely sufficient for your printing needs.
The QOOP service looks interesting though. They ship worldwide, but will the shipping to Luxembourg not be e x o r b i t a n t?

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4 thoughts on “Printing on Flickr”

  1. I actually printed a large book (150 pages) and a large poster from QOOP some months ago as a beta-tester and received it in Denmark. The shipping wasn’t that bad, and the quality of the prints are really REALLY amazing.

    I think you should try and see if you can get it to Luxembourg, if not try mailing QOOP, they are pretty friendly.

  2. I already have a Life poster made after Mike Matas’ advice, but the Flickr poster looks a lot like it – it’s a life poster, except it only takes 2-3 minuttes to make!

  3. OK, good to know. Flickr/QOOP won’t let you make a poster with an image on top that extends to the fulll width of the poster as Mike’s “advanced” model does though. Anyway, new opportunities/choices are always welcome :-)

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