PowerMate and Mac OS X 10.4

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My PowerMate has remained unused since I upgraded to Tiger, mostly because I don’t use it a lot on a daily basis. However, when I wanted to use it in particular with FC Express, I discovered that I had to unplug and reconnect in order for it to work. And that only latest until the next time the Mac is idle…
I proceeded to download the latest software for the PowerMate (currently 1.6.0), but to no avail.
An e-mail to Griffin Techonology support produced this response:

“Hello Jess,

Tiger is currently giving us headaches here at Griffin. We’re currently
looking into possible issues between Mac OS 10.4 and the PowerMate software.
Right now, though, we recommend that you try completely removing and
reinstalling the PowerMate software following these directions.

1. Move these files to the trash:

2. Run the PowerMate Remover program located on the PowerMate installer disk

3. Restart the computer.

4. Reinstall the latest PowerMate software from our web site.

Doing this didn’t help either unfortunately, so I hope Griffin and Apple come up with a solution anytime soon.
Anyone else have this problem? And a solution perhaps?

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