MailTags 1.0 – Power user plugin for Apple Mail

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MailTags 1.0 – Meta Data Plugin for Apple Mail.App:

Email is perhaps the most voluminous source of the information we need to process and organize each day. But it is strangely odd that most email clients are poor organizational tools.

Email programs, such as 2.0, are starting to get “smart” with Smart Mailboxes. Even so, smart Mailboxes are limited because they involve searching for information that already exists in e-mail messages, such as the sender, the subject, the content, and received date. You can’t search for messages based on what was in your mind when you first read the message or your own reflections on how to respond to the message.

In fact, we mentally organize mail in terms of next steps, projects, and due dates, but most email clients do not provide any way to do this: to record notes, write comments and attribute messages in the way you need. This is frustrating considering that it is your e-mail, isn’t it?

Looks like a nice addition to Spotlight and rules in Mail to sort out all those many e-mails…

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