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I just posted about the Optimus keyboard. Here is another Russian company iKeyInfinity Inc. with a similar product, that might be closer to a release:

From their web site:

All Personal Computers in the world require a keyboard or similar input device in order to enter information into the computer or to control it.

A typical computer keyboard has a set of keys. Each key has a static character printed or etched onto its surface, according to a specific alphabetic language or functional layout.

A wide variety of languages and the constrained square of the single keys are factors which CAUSE manufacturers to produce keyboards with specific characters printed on the key caps.

These specialized keyboards create difficulties for many users who uses several different languages (at least 2) or who use specialty applications for home, graphic, entertainment and others.

The multi-lingual keyboard is a totally new product in the HID (Human Interface Device) and as a result, is a highly versatile device for data-entry.

Interesting development in the keyboard market… Smile

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