Metro in Rome

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Just to let you know that you should be very careful when travelling in the metro in Rome. In particular, the line going to the Vatican (Battistini).

My wallet was stolen when entering the train at the Barberini stop in direction of Battistini. It is a apparently a very common thing there. We saw a lot of police and carabinieri above the ground but none in the metro. I lost money yes, but the worst thing is the loss of all the other stuff you tend to carry in your wallet. Driver’s licence and credit cards. Most importantly personal stuff that is of absolutely no value to the thief.
Anyway, should you find a black Jack Wolfskin wallet in the neighbourhood of the Barberini metro stop in Rome, ripped of money, but containing other useless stuff, please let me know. I have no faith in the Italian police, as they seem to accept it as a fact of life.
Maybe they should just put up some mailboxes here and there where the theft is more frequent, to give the f****** thieves a place to drop the emptied wallets. That way at least one might have a chance of getting some of his personal items back.
Enough said, I pity those poor bastards.

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