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Just installed the iLife suite on the iBook (700 mHz). Testing the iPhoto app first as it is the one app I use the most. One crash already Sad (I know, I approaching the critical part of the system requirements…) Anyway, it looks very nice. More ways to organise your albums as you can create subfolders. Editing the title and comments to pictures is much faster and presented in a more handy way.
One big regret… The photo service is not available in Luxembourg (wasn’t before either). I don’t understand why it is not possible to get that organised in a country as small as Luxembourg! Anyway, I have tried to order a couple of small books by playing Belgian and indicating Luxembourg in the address on my Apple account. We will see how it turns out…
I suppose I won’t be testing iMovie HD on this computer. iDVD won’t even run… I need a new Mac!

Go and get your copy of iLife ’05. The improvements in iPhoto justify an upgrade!

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