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Luxembourg doesn’t really have a Mac User Group at the moment. Ludo, who has posted about it here and here (French version), and I are trying to organise regular meetings between Mac users here in Luxembourg.

I went to the Lineheart event when Panther was launched, and it was a real pleasure to meet other Mac users and exchange views and opinions. Ideally we would meet at some café offering wi-fi, but let’s face it, this is Luxembourg, so it won’t be happening anytime soon Sad So should anyone have a good idea as to where to meet, let us know. Post a comment to this entry.

As for subjects to discuss there are plenty Smile From the top of my head:

  • Which Mac to buy?
  • Where to buy?
  • Alternatives to Apple’s displays

(this should get you a Mac to play with Smile)

  • iLife ’05
  • Video editing on the Mac (FC and FC Express
  • The Unix core
  • Wi-Fi on the Mac
  • Using Palm/Pocket PC/iPaq on Mac
  • Blogging on the Mac
  • Alternatives to MS Office

And I could go on…

In order to get the thing organised we have created a Mac meetup group at Meetup. All event will be posted there as well as on the website. Ludo has a calendar where the events along with other mac related stuff will be listed as well. Here is the iCal version or view it in your browser.

Oh, and yes, please spread the word Wink

Pour terminer deux mots pour les franco- et/ou germanophones: vous êtes naturellement aussi les bienvenues. N’hesitez pas à vous inscrire!

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  1. The Books & Beans cafe on the Avenue de la Liberté has had free 802.11b for a couple of years, after a suggestion from yours truly when nobody knew what 802.11 was. Try the ciabatta breads.

  2. Hi there,

    I’m an original “Luxemburger” 😉 .. And of course a mac addict (since 98 …I think) .. I found your blog by googling “iphoto books luxembourg”.. I’m interested too to create a MUG Lux. .. this way we could order iphoto books together or stuff like this.. just by having one contact/friend in Germany as shipping address..



  3. Hello Laurent,

    Well, this could be a temporary solution, but you would have to send your photos to the friend who then would have to create your book… Not optimal. We will however create a Luxembourg Mac Group on the meeting to be held the 22 Feb, where we can discuss how to make this work in Lux as well!

    Ludo from is very keen as well, so show up with your mac friends and the potential switchers :)


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