iLife ’05 – iPhoto

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Just installed the iLife suite on the iBook (700 mHz). Testing the iPhoto app first as it is the one app I use the most. One crash already Sad (I know, I approaching the critical part of the system requirements…) Anyway, it looks very nice. More ways to organise your albums as you can create subfolders. Editing the title and comments to pictures is much faster and presented in a more handy way.
One big regret… The photo service is not available in Luxembourg (wasn’t before either). I don’t understand why it is not possible to get that organised in a country as small as Luxembourg! Anyway, I have tried to order a couple of small books by playing Belgian and indicating Luxembourg in the address on my Apple account. We will see how it turns out…
I suppose I won’t be testing iMovie HD on this computer. iDVD won’t even run… I need a new Mac!

Go and get your copy of iLife ’05. The improvements in iPhoto justify an upgrade!

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Luxembourg Mac User Group

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Luxembourg doesn’t really have a Mac User Group at the moment. Ludo, who has posted about it here and here (French version), and I are trying to organise regular meetings between Mac users here in Luxembourg.

I went to the Lineheart event when Panther was launched, and it was a real pleasure to meet other Mac users and exchange views and opinions. Ideally we would meet at some café offering wi-fi, but let’s face it, this is Luxembourg, so it won’t be happening anytime soon Sad So should anyone have a good idea as to where to meet, let us know. Post a comment to this entry.

As for subjects to discuss there are plenty Smile From the top of my head:

  • Which Mac to buy?
  • Where to buy?
  • Alternatives to Apple’s displays

(this should get you a Mac to play with Smile)

  • iLife ’05
  • Video editing on the Mac (FC and FC Express
  • The Unix core
  • Wi-Fi on the Mac
  • Using Palm/Pocket PC/iPaq on Mac
  • Blogging on the Mac
  • Alternatives to MS Office

And I could go on…

In order to get the thing organised we have created a Mac meetup group at Meetup. All event will be posted there as well as on the website. Ludo has a calendar where the events along with other mac related stuff will be listed as well. Here is the iCal version or view it in your browser.

Oh, and yes, please spread the word Wink

Pour terminer deux mots pour les franco- et/ou germanophones: vous êtes naturellement aussi les bienvenues. N’hesitez pas à vous inscrire!

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ecto 2.2

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New version is out. Scripts are now well integrated into the app, should you wish to expand your blogging experience in that direction! So far all I did was to translate the “Posted with ecto” script into Danish to use on my Danish blog, but the possibilities are virtually endless.

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BT Jabra 250 headset and a Mac

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A follow-up to this one Smile I got myself a BT headset, since I have started using Skype heavily. provided me with a link to, where the service and delivery was perfect. The site is only in German, just so you know.
I’m also writing this because I had some problems pairing the headset with my Mac running 10.3.7. At first it did not find the headset at all. After downloading and installing the Bluetooth updater 1.5 and the Bluetooth Firmware updater 1.2, the headset was discovered, but I had a message about lack of support in the BT hardware. The hardware in my case was the USB dongle from D-Link (model DBT-120). Apparently the dongle only is supported if the version is rev. B or later. As mine is a rev. B 3, I was surprised to see that it did not work.
What was the problem? Well, installing the Bluetooth Firmware updater 1.2. is only an installation of the updater… I had to go to the /Applications/Utilities and run it! You become so use to the procedure… I did not realize at first that I had to run a programme… After that, it was discovered with no problems. I can select the headset for sound in as well as for sound out (BTW, Jan 11 keynote was not with a good sound through the headset…
Attention! Running the firmware updater will make it a Mac-only USB dongle.

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Ludo has sent this to me:


For info:
I’ve created a forum for Luxembourg Mac Users I hope to insure better communication between users. As many people speak many languages the forum is conceived so that anyone (registered) can post topics.
I hope it will become a reference for Apple related classified in Luembourg.
(default language is French but it’s easy to switch language).
Also: has been translated in English:

So I suggest that any Luxembourg Apple user should go and log on there. This way we could build an stronger Apple community here.

We could also start to use “macchatlu” in iChat? How? Well, if you already have an AIM account, just type (Apple)+G, then “macchatlu” and finally “Go”. If you have not got a clue about this, comment on this entry Smile