Two iTMS accounts?

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I’m just curious: If I live in Canada and have a credit card account in the US, I can use that account to buy music in the US… What if I live in Luxembourg, have a credit card account there, but also an account in let us say France. Would I then have the opportunity to buy in iTMS with the two credit cards keeping two accounts but having one playlist containing my “Purchased Music”???

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  1. Thanks Guillaume! It might be even more relevant to UK residents living abroad. At the moment I see a significant difference in the offerings between the UK and the LU store.
    Bigger differences might exist for Finns living abroad as well as other Scandinavians (DK, N and S) (once their stores will open).

  2. Update: this is what they replied:

    “You may only have one country associated with each account. You will need to open a second account and include the billing address and payment card from the other country.”

    I suppose they have one ‘country’ entry for each account row in their DB. Quite sad how US companies never seem to understand we Luxembourgers can be abroad in a couple of minutes if we cycle in any direction.

    So I opened another account in Luxembourg – it is cheaper – and bought an album. The songs I have bought from either account now play in iTunes and show up in the Purchased Music playlist. However, I have to log in again every time I change from one store to another. remains my primary source of music. The UK store has free songs and songs I can’t find on and the LU store has less stuff allofmp3 doesn’t have and is slightly cheaper, but has no free songs. I now check up to three sources before buying a song…

    Does this answer your question?

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