ADSL prices…

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Well, one of the disadvantages living in a very small country is that the big companies don’t really bother to enter the market or just decide to milk the cow… Numericable (internet provider in neighbouring country France is offering a 8 mbps up and 512k down connection for the same price that I’m paying for my 512k… Sad Is that fair…?

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  1. There’s always coditel if your place gets cable. They have the worst tech support I’ve ever seen though. They’re cheaper but they’re clueless.

  2. Heh. I know :) They have serious security flaws in their system as well. Or at least they had. A freind on a Windows computer was able to access the pc of other users…
    Anyway Coditel doesn’t cover my area (Siemens is). just got so enviuos, when I saw Numericable’s offer…

  3. Hey that’s not a flaw that’s a feature :p.

    Their horror stories would include them changing my “static” IP address with no notice (“Sir, I can ping your IP address from here” “That’s interesting, I am holding the ethernet plug in my hand” “Please hold”), their tech support having no idea of what the term router means, regularly confusing ip addresses, email addresses and mac addresses, or not being able to understand hex to save their life (“I’m sorry sir, zero eff err eeh or zero ess ess eeh?”, or “Sorry, you said your IP address was 612 dot …” )

    Didn’t the adsl speeds get bumped up last week?

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