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I discovered this by coincidence and I was shocked. Antonio, an Italian tourist visiting Denmark, was killed by two turks trying to rob him in Denmark in August last year. That is not shocking. People get mugged and killed everywhere, but how in heaven’s name can you refuse to help someone who shows you a stab wound he just received? A cab driver and his passengers all claimed that they didn’t have a mobile phone in working order and the cab driver (I reeeally doubt this) apparently didn’t have radio contact with the central… Bad isn’t it? Now listen to this: Antonio’s parents came to Denmark this week for a memorial service to be held for him, they put down flowers where he was killed. The flowers were later set on fire and someone wrote »HAHAHA« on the sidewalk… What is going through these people’s minds?
I lack words.

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  1. Remember the reaction from 99,999999999% of the population.
    As a dane I am stil in shocked, and it really is very rare that people get killed in the most quiet capitalcity in Europe.

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