iBook’s hard disk dead

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Well, just want to underline the fact that you have to back up your files! My iBook literally died in my arms starting to send out strange ticking noises… Really bad. Mnical failure in hard drive. Two years old… I’m getting a new Hitachi Travelstar 60GB at 7200 RPM instead, and of course I will establish a backup policy Crap! I just had so much stuff on the old one… Crap!

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  1. Hi,

    I was wondering how much it has cost you to replace that ibook harddrive? I’m looking into replacing my 20gig HD for a new one… (if you don’t mind my asking…)


    P.S. Surfed in from Michael Hanscom’s site… nice blog btw…

  2. Well, I have opted for a 60GB Hitachi drive that will spin at 7200rpm, so hopefully it will boost my machine as well.
    Price for the drive alone will be 230 euros. Add to that the installation costs… Now two weeks after handing in the iBook, I’ve been told there are delivery problems… :(
    The point is: backup your data!

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