329 terabytes…

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Our web standard warrior Doug Bowman at StopDesign offers his thoughts on the consequences of throwing out tables and going to a CSS-based layout.

Zeldman offers his comments as well.

I’m just amazed by Microsoft’s ignorance… I mean, they were pioneers with CSS and could save a lot of money by using it… Do they have too much money?

iBook’s hard disk dead

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Well, just want to underline the fact that you have to back up your files! My iBook literally died in my arms starting to send out strange ticking noises… Really bad. Mnical failure in hard drive. Two years old… I’m getting a new Hitachi Travelstar 60GB at 7200 RPM instead, and of course I will establish a backup policy Crap! I just had so much stuff on the old one… Crap!

Airport Express, iMac and monitors

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Delayed shipping Sad Apparently customers in at least Denmark and France aren’t going to receive the Airport Express at the projected delivery date. So Apple has been sending out e-mails to their European customers saying that the delivery is delayed…
On the other the U.S. costumers are receiving theirs… I haven’t even ordered one yet, so I suppose delivery will be end of August or later Sad Bad habit. iMacs are delayed as well…
To end on a positive note the new fab looking monitors are arriving in France. Macbidouille reports on that.