Folding Proteins at Home

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This is old news but worth repeating. Clients available for all major computer platforms.
Get your copy here

As part of a groundbreaking distributed computing experiment, Noah Johnson and half a million other people are donating their spare computer capacity so Stanford University scientists can remotely simulate protein folding, an essential biochemical process that controls vital body functions.

[via Apple Hot News]

Unix on Panther: Accessing the Internet

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Well, might be a good place to start to make some use of Unix under the hood. O’Reilly has an article about Unix networking:

“This excerpt from Learning Unix for Mac OS X Panther introduces Unix networking: remotely accessing your Mac from other computers and copying files between computers. It also shows you how the Connect to Server capability of Terminal can make common connections a breeze once you’ve set them up the first time.”

iPhoto ordering service sort of available in Europe

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Most users in Europe are now able to order prints of their photos directly from iPhoto.
– Select a couple of photos and click »Order prints«.
– Set up an Apple ID-account if you don’t have one already (it’s free).
– And…
I didn’t get any further because it’s not available in Luxembourg SadSad. It’s exactly the same problem as with the Apple Store. In Apple’s eyes Luxembourg is a province in Belgium, but then again it isn’t, so people in Luxembourg are shut out completely. I would love to have this problem solved. The sooner the better! Just modify the Belgian part of the store to accept Luxembourgish addresses as well.
I won’t even start to think about what will happen when the iTunes Music Store comes to Europe…