Apple Store Europe = problems

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I’m trying to cool off, Matt :-)
Rant begins:
There is plenty of crap with the European Apple Store. I live in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, and we don’t have a dedicated store for the country. Twice I have tried to order from the Belgian Apple store. Lastly in the hope of getting iLife ’04 a bit earlier. Guess what? Estimated shipping was on or before 2 Feb. This morning (5 Feb I sent a reminder to Apple). Two hours ago I received a reply, that they had cancelled my order, since I had ordered from the “wrong” Apple Store… Fine. I go buy iLife locally tomorrow? No way. I just received notice that they had shipped the package…! And now if they cut up the package slip as well as Matt explains. I will never receive it then, let alone get my money back probably!!! What is their return policy? 50% restocking fee? I want an iLife now!
Read about Matt Henderson’s problems as well: Matt Henderson’s Blog: Rule Numero Uno (was Problems with Apple Europe)end of rant……..

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