VPC and latest security update from Apple

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MacWindows: the Web Site for Macintosh-Windows Integration:

“Fixing VPC/Panther slowdowns: Security update, other. January 28, 2004 — John Dougherty reports that the recent Apple Security Update to Mac OS X 10.3 solved his problem with slow Virtual PC performance in Panther:

I upgraded my three computers with the security update and Airport update yesterday, and amazingly, the slowdowns with VPC 6.1 have vanished. I don’t know which update was responsible, but all is well now. Recap- iMac 20″, TiBook 667, G4 Cube 450, all with OS X Panther 10.3.2. Only the Cube worked before, but I hadn’t updated to 10.3.2 on the Cube until today (I thought that may have been the culprit).

If you’ve installed this update and had VPC performance problems with Panther, please let us know if this solved the problem for you.

Kevin Montgomery stopped running a piece of software:

I too found Virtual PC 6.1 to be unbelievably slow! For me, the problem turned out to be an installation of Henwen I was running to monitor my Internet activity for anything nasty. Once I stopped running Henwen, Virtual PC’s speed picked up immediately.”

So I suppose some of you should see an improvement?

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