Apple Store Lenox Square, Atlanta, GA

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This was my second visit to an Apple Store. This one not a pleasant one… I bought a RAM module in Ohio, and it was giving me kernel panics on a regular basis :( Unfortunately my travel lans took me from Ohio to Georgia, so I had to go there to have it fixed. They could not do it. They didn’t even have the module in stock… So I decided to buy one in Europe.
I have to say though, that the Americans are sooo spoiled when it comes to choice! Man, they have all sorts of apps, drives, gadgets and so on for your Mac! I ran into a guy from the UK there, and he totally agreed with me, when I said that we are Europeans (as well as other non Americans) are treated as second class. We get the soft- and hardware later and at a much higher price. Take the new iLife suite: Eric Meyer (American) is complaining about the $49 price tag for the apps. “I don’t need GarageBand nor iMovie…” Well I don’t need GarageBand either, but I will still pay the equivalent of $62 for iLife. Same crap with the price for .Mac…

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