Elgato intros FireWire-based DVRs for European market

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And I was just about to buy the old model. But prices! Please! And I just discovered the sys requirements… G4 500 mHz minimum. Argh. I need a new mac first…

EyeTV maker Elgato Systems on Friday introduced two new Mac OS X-based digital video recorders (DVRs) mainly aimed at the European market — the EyeTV 300 and 400. Elgato’s original EyeTV transfers analog video to the Macintosh’s hard drive through USB. These new EyeTV devices instead use FireWire, and support a European digital television standard called Digital Video Broadcast, or DVB. DVB is available in the UK, as well as parts of Spain, Sweden, Finland, Norway, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal and Australia. [from MacCentral]

VPC 5 on Panther

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Well, after creating a clone copy of the “hard drive” in VPC 5 I finally made it work. I’m running it with XP on a 400 mHz G4. And … it’s very slow but working. I have never bought a PC, but my bank might force me to it in order to use their web banking solution (Windows only :(). Crap!