Hiveware – Enkoder Form

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Dan Benjamin has updated his Hiveware – Enkoder Form

From the site:

Enkoder Form 6.0
Protect your Email address from Spam (unsolicited Email advertisements).
Posting your email address on your web-site is a sure-fire way to get an Inbox full of spam. One way to protect yourself is to “encode” your address, making it more difficult to discover. This tool is useful for protecting an email address on a web-page, not for sending email. Lots of people ask about this.

Thanks Dan!

Daring Fireball: Closed Is Open

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John Gruber’s latest insight is an “analysis” of Mr Fester’s ramblings whether iTunes for Windows is a “closed” ball game. Good read for your Windows user friends hesitant to use “the best Windows app ever”…

Daring Fireball: Closed Is Open

Reading Between the Lines as Dave Fester, General Manager of the Windows Digital Media Division, Lays Out Microsoft’s Shamelessly Orwellian Party Line Regarding Digital Music

Good things come in millions

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O’Reilly Network: Good Things Come in Millions [Oct. 20, 2003]

“Well, looks like it’s official: iTunes for Windows is a hit. Apple today announced that there have been one million downloads of the Windows iTunes jukebox since it was announced on Thursday. I’m sure at the next keynote, Steve will give us a stat of how many downloads per minute that is, but I think it’s safe to say that a LOT of Windows users are checking out iTunes.”

Of course, and we need the European release now! Please!

Google problems

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From The Register

“On Sunday Google admitted to the Washington Post that it was working on a bug it had found which was withholding thousands of legitimate search results from its users. The bug was in response to another bug: Google’s susceptibility to being gamed by spammers who set up ‘link farms’ to tripwire its PageRank%u2122 algorithm. “Is Google starting to show signs of strain against spammers and Web scammers?”, asked the Post.”

So Google is getting more and more unreliable???