MT-Blacklist 1.5

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From Antipixel

Jay Allen’s very good MT-Blacklist just got a whole lot better. Version 1.5 introduces the Search & De-spam feature which can look back through a configurable number of comments and pings, identify suspicious material, delete it, and then rebuild the relevant pages.

Well I’m not using MT (yet) but thought you would like to know…

Careful about your blogging

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Another example illustrating that you should think twice before blogging. Michael has really been screwed here. One entry just being funny results in him been fired. Microsoft is really acting like a disgruntled four-year old. Heck, I could understand it if we had a senior member of staff doing this…
The Even Microsoft wants G5s” href=””>innocuous post at eclecticism.

Virtual PC 5.0 under Panther

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Anyone have an idea whether this is a functional combination? I really don’t want to shell out for VPC 6 after M$ bought VPC… I installed VPC 5 on one of my harddisk under Panther and dragged the image of my “old” Windows “harddisk” over into the Configurations folder in the VPC 5.0 Preferences folder. Unfortunately I get an error saying that I need to try to reinstall a certain VPC 5 extension again Sad