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Last.fm radio a thing of the past now

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Below the announcement from last.fm:


Today we’re announcing an upcoming change to the way Last.fm Radio works in some parts of the world. In the United States, United Kingdom and Germany, nothing will change.

In all other countries, listening to Last.fm Radio will soon require a subscription of €3.00 per month. There will be a 30 track free trial, and we hope this will convince people to subscribe and keep listening to the radio. Everything else on Last.fm (scrobbling, recommendations, charts, biographies, events, videos etc.) will remain free in all countries, like it is now.

Since we streamed our first track from Last.fm back in 2002, we have focused on playing the right songs to the right people, compensating artists for playing their music, and being the best music site on the web. We appreciate the support we get from the 30 million people who use Last.fm every month—double the number of people since this time last year. We work with over 280,000 labels and artists, many of whom we pay directly, and have built up the largest catalogue of any web radio platform: over 7 million tracks are available on Last.fm Radio stations.

In order to keep providing the best radio service on the web, we need to ask our listeners from countries other than USA, UK and Germany to subscribe for €3.00 per month. In return you’ll get unlimited access to Last.fm Radio, and a promise that we’ll be hard at work improving the service for years to come.

[From Last.fm Radio Announcement]


This is sad. I will just use last.fm for listing what I’m listening to and have a look at my neighbours from time to time now. It was easier just to listen to “their” radio station, but alas, a thing of the past now…

Last.fm app for iPhone and iPod Touch

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Last.fm announces Last.fm app for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Read the details on the web site, but their video speaks for itself.

To get the app, go to the music category of the iTunes App store (in iTunes or on your iPhone/Touch). Find the Last.fm app and download it (for free).

Looking forward to be able to get the iPhone here in Luxembourg…! Do make sure that you are on a wireless network before you listen to last.fm… At least in Europe… as you would get some hefty data traffic… and THAT is expensive around here :-(

New version of Last.fm

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After hearing that last.fm updated their website, I just had a look. Amazing! So much richer in content and much easier to navigate. I mean, I don’t see a difference in my client (iScrobbler), but holy-moly, the website is very sharp now. Design is nicer and everything is easier to find. In addtion to this, there are new features (at least to me as I haven’t been able to find them before :-)). Your own radio station with your music (that you add yourself). You can add music from other people on last.fm as well.

I’m looking forward to exploring the site more in the future. Well done!