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Apple TV take 2 in Europe

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As indicated by MacBidouille, the price of the Apple TV has not been lowered in Europe, which makes the device approximately 100 euros more expensive here than in the States. This is ridiculous except if Apple wants to deter their European customers from buying as it is of little or no use to European customers. Apart from the UK store, no films or TV shows are available in the iTunes store so really. Is it worth paying the high price when you will not able to use all the features of the device?

Yet Another in the Ongoing Series Wherein … I Examine a Piece of Supposedly Serious Apple Analysis … No Matter How Egregious the Inaccuracies / Fabrications / Exaggerations …

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Above the title of John Gruber’s take on another stupid article…here:

Final words from Gruber:

Or, as Albert Einstein actually did put it, “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”

Very good and rather sad to read. How can serious journalists put together such crap?

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Legal iPhone in Luxembourg (not)

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If you absolutely need an iPhone right now :-) After considering the options, I think it would be wise to visit neighbouring country France to get an iPhone. Expensive at 749 € including the (legal) unlocking of the phone, but at least you will have no worries about the next firmware update. If you can wait 😉Sit out until the iPhone version 2.0 comes next year with 3G and maybe – if we are lucky – GPS. At that time Luxembourg might be on the list of countries selling it…

UPDATE: the phones are unlocked to be used only with other French providers… What a load of c…!

iPhone pilot ad causing trouble for passengers

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For a great laugh :-)

iPhone pilot ad causing trouble for passengers:

One of Apple’s second round of iPhone ads has apparently been raising hackles from a somewhat unexpected source: professional airline dispatchers. The spot in question deals with an airline pilot who reputedly used his iPhone to check the weather during a flight delay.

One apocryphal tale deals with a passenger who, annoyed at a delay, supposedly checked the weather at their destination and, finding it clear, notified a flight attendant.

“Some guy with an iPhone says the weather is good,” the flight attendant says, “and wants to know what the real reason is for the delay. Is something wrong with the plane?” 


Reportedly, the captain responded with a public address announcement that was sharp enough to elicit audible laughter from the cabin.

“If the passenger with the iPhone would be kind enough,” he began, “to use it to check the weather at our alternate airport, then calculate our revised fuel burn due to being rerouted, then call our dispatcher to arrange our amended release, then make a call to the nearest traffic control center to arrange a new slot time (among all the other aircraft carrying passengers with iPhones), we’ll then be more than happy to depart. Please ring your call button to advise the flight attendant and your fellow passengers when you deem it ready and responsible for this multimillion-dollar aircraft and its 84 passengers to safely leave.”While the story may not be true, let’s face it: we’ve all been on flights with people annoying passengers like this, right? Of course the situation is a lot more complicated than the ad suggests it is, and I’d hope that most iPhone users realize that fact. Also, remember that airline dispatchers and flight crews are probably the last people you want to tick off. Well, right after your health care professional.

[via The Consumerist]

Apple Store face lift

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Apparently the face lift of the online Apple stores has finally “upgraded” the Luxembourg one to a proper one. Front page is no longer reserved for “business clients”.

However, the expected link ( still sends you to the Belgian iTunes + iPod page :-( So the address is still Note that the prices are lower than in the Belgian store (= difference in VAT). Very good!