BT Jabra 250 headset and a Mac

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A follow-up to this one Smile I got myself a BT headset, since I have started using Skype heavily. provided me with a link to, where the service and delivery was perfect. The site is only in German, just so you know.
I’m also writing this because I had some problems pairing the headset with my Mac running 10.3.7. At first it did not find the headset at all. After downloading and installing the Bluetooth updater 1.5 and the Bluetooth Firmware updater 1.2, the headset was discovered, but I had a message about lack of support in the BT hardware. The hardware in my case was the USB dongle from D-Link (model DBT-120). Apparently the dongle only is supported if the version is rev. B or later. As mine is a rev. B 3, I was surprised to see that it did not work.
What was the problem? Well, installing the Bluetooth Firmware updater 1.2. is only an installation of the updater… I had to go to the /Applications/Utilities and run it! You become so use to the procedure… I did not realize at first that I had to run a programme… After that, it was discovered with no problems. I can select the headset for sound in as well as for sound out (BTW, Jan 11 keynote was not with a good sound through the headset…
Attention! Running the firmware updater will make it a Mac-only USB dongle.

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